Diving : A Window Of An Unexplored World

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DIVING: A Window to an Unexplored World Mankind has always been very curious about the ocean and its secrets. In the past centuries, countless numbers of inventions and experiments have been made in an attempt to maximize the time that a person can stay underwater. Thanks to a device called the aqualung, invented in 1943 by Jacques Cousteau, people were able to dive down and explore the ocean with his/her own air source without the need to be connected to an air source at the surface. Eventually, this lead to the formation of a subculture around the sport, with many divers around the world exploring the world’s oceans. There are many reasons to be a part of this subculture. I interviewed Luke Inman, a successful Instructor Trainer for the Professional Association of Dive Instructors, and an avid filmmaker and photographer who constantly works with the BBC, Discovery Networks, National Geographic, & Animal Planet, and after asking him what rituals or practices a person must do to become part of this subculture, he answered: “You have to have a love for the ocean, you have to love fish". You also need to take a Scuba course. This course is called an Open Water Diver course (or OWD for short); this will be the diver’s first certification. It teaches you about atmospheric pressure, how your body is affected underwater, the risks of diving, and how easy they are to evade by following simple procedures. After the diver gets certified as an open water diver, he or she may want to

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