Diving Into The Human Psyche

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Running Head: Diving Into the Human Psyche (Mind) 1

Diving Into the Human Psyche (Mind)
Jordan A. Grossholz
Florida State College of Jacksonville

Diving Into the Human Psyche (Mind) 2


Questions to the human mind have been sought over for decade’s even centuries. The human mind sometimes known as the psyche or as others would call it a “soul” is one of the most complex and incredibly fascinating things to study. The mind is simply not something you unravel overnight, psychologist and others alike have been studying it for a long time trying to unlock its mysteries. Questions like what makes the foundation for a personality? Why do we do what we do? What is a person thinking while they are reacting to something, do they weigh the pros and cons or just dive right in? There are so many questions of the like that have yet to been answered or explained. This article is designed to give a better understanding of the human mind by research through the Biological, Cognitive, and Behavioral Approaches.

Diving Into the Human Psyche (Mind) 3
William James said that the most challenging question

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