Division 1 Athlete Differences

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Becoming a division 1 athlete is a dream for all sports playing kids at one point in their lives. But becoming a division 1 athlete might only be a dream for most people. Most people don't understand the heartache it takes to become a division 1 athlete, until the actually start to work towards their dream. Even when you get to live out that dream though, it might be tougher than you once thought. It takes hard work and dedication to live out your dreams.
Before people start to live out their dream there are requirements for them to wake up and live it. One of the requirements that dream coming true is getting the right grades. A person who wants to become a division 1 athlete must maintain a grade point average …show more content…

College athletes are usually thought of as the rock stars of the college they go to. They are usually said to be the most popular students among the students and the teachers because they are plastered all over the campus, and sometimes, the country. It's obvious that college athletes, especially good ones, are loved by the students. A lot of students go to a majority of games and see their classmates as they play in front of thousands of people on a weekly basis. In reality, it makes sense why students would like them, since they're always seen, they're more known, making them popular and likeable people. Knowing a college athlete as a student is the equivalent of knowing a pro athlete as an adult. Even though they are also disliked by some of the student body. They could be disliked for a few reasons. The main reason being jealousy. Because college athletes are praised and put above regular students they get added benefits when it comes to things at school. This can include extra time on an assignment or access to tutors on campus for free. Perks like these can make other students jealous, these other students could be jealous because they themselves don't see why college athletes deserve to be treated like Gods. They wish to be treated like …show more content…

Because a college athlete is viewed by so many people and known by so many people on campus, and also live a very boring and stressing life, they're more susceptible to do stupid things when pressured by their peers. Quote here, probably. A stupid thing a player can be influenced to ranges from a variety of things like, doing something that will get them arrested, doing stupid stuff at parties, or doing things like performance enhancing drugs that will ultimately land the player in a world of trouble.”move this down the paragraph to a spot that makes more sense, not here.”. Even though you'd like to hope that everyone is strong willed and won't be pushed to do things like that, that's just not the case and every school has someone that will get in trouble from poor choices they make. Most times in life whenever a bad choice is made, a punishment is soon to follow. Whether this be back talking to your parents, and then getting beat or cheating on a test and getting detention. The same concept applies to college athletics. If a player is caught doing a wide range of things, from failing a test to failing a drug test, the punishments vary. The player can receive anywhere from a game suspension to a year

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