Divorce Is A Old As Marriage

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“Divorce is as old as marriage (Cohen, 2015).” The United States and Spain differ in many ways, one example is the difference in divorce rates among the two countries. The divorce rate in the United States is declining, while the divorce rate in Spain is inclining. Divorce in these countries vary in many different ways. For example, there are different laws, economic problems, and cultural aspects that all affect divorce. Multiple factors contribute to divorce, along with varying differences among couples. The process of divorce varies in the United States and Spain, relating to the different legal procedures.
To begin with, Cohen stated that Divorce has been around for as long as marriage. In the 1960s and 1970s, divorce rate …show more content…

This phenomenon can possibly leads to the increase of divorce rate, but it does not have a significant impact. Unlike the United States, the divorce rate in Spain is actually increasing. Since Spain is a predominately Catholic country, most people think that the divorce rate in Spain would be lower; however, it is actually the highest in Europe. The average marriage can last as long as 15 years among middle aged Spaniard couples who are now divorcing. “Spain now has one divorce for every 2.3 marriages--an Increase of 74% in the past two years alone (Salamanca, 2008).” Statistics show that "three out of every four Spanish marriages are now ending in divorce ("Seriously Spain," n.d.).” Since the legalization of divorce in Spain is recent, "separation and divorce as a demographic event is a poorly understood phenomena in Spain." Economy plays an important role in divorce in both the United States and Spain. Financial problems often lead to major conflicts between couples. Spain’s economy is a leading factor in the increase of divorce for married couples. "The number of divorces in Spain rose by 12.5 percent in the third quarter of 2014 with the economic crisis playing a role, according to official statistics released ("Divorce Rate Surges in Spain - The Local," 2014).” The Consejo General Poder Judicial (CGPJ) reported that economic crisis in

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