Do Hipaa And The Apple Watch Go Together?

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Peeling Back the Apple Watch: Do HIPAA and the Apple Watch Go Together? One of my more tech-savvy partners recently showed me his new Apple Watch and, instinctively, it raised questions in my mind as to how would HIPAA impact the use of this watch. One might ask why I would ask such a question, and two possible answers exist. The first possible answer is that my healthcare practice has engulfed my thinking or the second possible answer is that the features of this new Apple Watch may be the linchpin to a whole new culture in this mobile health industry. Time may determine which answer is correct, but the new Apple Watch does have some interesting features that will, at a minimum, impact the mobile healthcare industry. Among the Apple Watch, the HealthKit app., and the ResearchKit software (launched in April 2015), Apple has introduced some interesting “tools” for the healthcare marketplace for the consumer and for the provider and possibly other vendors. Starting in May, the Apple Watch has garnered much attention. The Apple Watch has the technology to track and store information about the activity of the wearer – it can show a person’s daily activities, such as the amount of time spent sitting, standing, or moving, and it can provide and display goals, suggestions, and incentives for increased activity. The Apple Watch can also collect workout data, such as a person’s heart rate, calories burned, and other exercise –related statistics. Like other i-phones or mobile

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