Do People Living With Bipolar Disorder Need Medication?

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Do people living with bipolar disorder need medication People living with bipolar disorder need medication to help them function at their full potential. Some people feel that people living with bipolar disorder do not need to be medicated to live a healthy fulfilling life. However to say this first a person must know what bipolar disorder is and how a person is affected by the disorder. According to Rachal Pollock PHD bipolar is described as a common recurrent, often lifelong major psychiatric disorder characterized by manic/ mixed and depressive episodes. According to her if the person does not have treatment for the disorder then the risk grows substantially in regards to morbidity and mortality. I know firsthand how it is to live on…show more content…
Bipolar disorder I, which is considered to be the more severe form of bipolar disorder can be defined as mania or mixed episodes. About sixty seven percent of the time Bipolar I people are depressed or have depressive depression. With this strain of the disorder a person has at least one episode or mixed episodes and they are more prone to committing suicide. People living with bipolar disorder can be symptomatic for half of their lives. A person with Bipolar II disorder don’t experience full blown episodes of mania, however, they are more prone to severe depression and what is considered hypomania. The last form is called cyclothymia. Cyclothymia is cyclical mood swings. Cyclothymia is the least severe of the three. Don’t get me wrong bipolar disorder is not that black and white, it’s not either mania or depressive. The cycles vary in severity depending on how frequently the person cycles and how extreme the cycles are. Some people living with the disorder are more on the mania side where everything sounds like a good idea, sounds fun; I guess it could be compared to feeling like nothing can go wrong. On the other hand, most people are more on the depressive side. Some people live with both at the same time switching between the two to make mixed episodes. People living with bipolar disorder can only have a few episodes over their entire
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