Do The Right Thing Analysis

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There are various elements that contribute to the significance of a film. Cinematography, is one important element in which the camera is used to capture visual images through a number of other controllable elements such as; camera lens, framing, scale, movement etc. Editing is another fundamental component of film studies in which different shots are put together in a coherent sequence in order to make meaning of a film.
In the film “Do The Right Thing” by Spike Lee, cinematography and editing serve as critical components to emphasize the racial tensions between the various characters. Set in a predominantly black neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, the action of the film consists of a series of unfolding events that take place over the …show more content…

Camera distance is also effectively used in this film. In several scenes in Do The Right Thing, the camera distance, especially through the use of close up shots, is particularly important in the film. There are a number of scenes in the film that are characterized by close-up shots and majority of the film is made up of close-up shots. In one scene that takes place at Sal’s Pizzeria, the two characters Mookie and Pino have an important conversation about racism and society. We learn through Mookie about Pino’s negative perspective on black people or as he calls “niggers.” In this scene, the camera keeps moving back and forth between the two of them as they converse, and we get an insight into their personalities through their pensive conversation about race, society and civilization.
The use of various camera techniques such as canted frames, low-angled, high-angled and close up shots, as well as camera distance, enhances the struggle between the characters. The use of such techniques not only allows the audience to get an extensive insight into the many different characters, but also helps us understand the relationships between them and how all of these factors contribute to the overarching theme of racism in the film. The use of these camera rapid movements

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