Do We Live Within A False World

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1. “We live within a false world.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why/Why not? Provide specific examples that help support and consolidate your argument.

The question “Do we live within a false world” can be exhibited in two understandings. For example, the media can mislead our sense of direction of what reality and hyper-reality truly means. We can establish that reality is something that is going to happen rather then not happening. An example of reality is when you go to school due to regulations. We know this is reality because it’s something that is going to happen and is require to happen whereas hyper-reality is something that is nearly impossible to reach – Beauty products

2. Select a TV advertisement/commercial …show more content…

I say this because everything you see during the ad has been modified to entice the viewer and persuade them to buy their product. For example the women shown during the advertising had foundation and they used camera’s that changed the perception of their face.

4. What are the issues/problems associated with presenting ‘reality’ in this way?
(Identify any real life problems that can be associated with young people being constantly bombarded with images such as those in your chosen advertisement that are simply ‘unreal’ and regularly ‘unachievable’.)

Issue’s presenting hyper-reality to younger audiences rather then older audiences is that younger individuals can be led to believe certain products can change you as a person whereas the older audience is knowledgeable enough to realise what they’re stating is incorrect. Saying this younger audiences do have the capability of understanding false advertisement but in some circumstances this is different.

5. The message in many advertising campaigns is that we can find true happiness in our possessions, by fitting in, by being ‘cool’, by achieving ‘perfection’ or by having particular experiences. What is wrong with these

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