Essay on Do We Live in a Throw Away Society?

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Do We Live In a Throw Away Society?
There are many discussions that show belief that we do in fact live in a throw away society. There are numerous ways they are trying to prevent that, such as recycling more different varieties of products, and finding out which are most harmful to recycle more. Then there’s also ways around the idea of helping out the environment, but in the long run it doesn’t benefit as much as we think it is. But majority votes that we are a throw away society but there are a lot of different ways to help that. In some neighborhoods, going down the alley you can see the bright blue trash cans and know right away that those are for recycling cans. But how many of those neighborhoods really are there? The communities …show more content…

According to AF&PA reports, 86% of U.S. Population have access to community recycling programs. So why not take the time to find out their locations and help out. A new recycling category that has come together over years is called E-waste. As stated by Electronic Recyclers International, “E-waste is defined as all obsolete or outdated computers, televisions, cell phones, printers, PDAs, and thousands of other devices commonly used in offices, homes, and by people on the go.” (, 2008) As mentioned before, all it takes are a few minutes to search the web and you can find out the best places and solutions to get rid of your old electronics efficiently. For instance, local Best Buy stores have set up new programs to have people bring in used electronics at their own convenience. Although people waste their time getting the newest, latest, best product on the market they don’t realize what happens to the old items. Even with that being the case, a lot of new technologies have been more examined to be better for the environment. Take for example cars; the old ones get dumped in a landfill with only a handful of parts recycled or reused; and the new cars, or better known hybrid cars that are mainly known for the smaller amount of gas that is used. The smaller amount of gas used makes a big difference with

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