The Current Recycling Program In Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

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The current recycling program in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana is insufficient to meet the needs of the community. Many urban populations are taking advantage of technological innovations to maximize the effectiveness of recycling programs. One issue in Vermilion Parish is that there is an insufficient number of locations in which recyclables can be dropped off. Thus, even though the recycling industry in Vermilion Parish is well-established, the availability and feasibility for recycling opportunities is quite low to much of the population. The result is that the recycling program is relatively inefficient in Vermilion Parish. With an annual population growth of around 2% (Prakken & White, 2014), the need for increased recycling…show more content…
These two materials, in particular, are dangerous to local ecologies and populations. Thus, there is not only an identified need to reduce the use of these two materials, but also a need to increase recycling of these two materials.
One of the environmental groups in the area, No Waste Louisiana, partners with local businesses and organizations to coordinate actions to minimize the environmental impacts in the region. No Waste Louisiana representative Catherine Schoeffler Comeaux writes, "Cleaning up the mostly plastic litter on our Gulf Coast and in our bayous will not be accomplished by a few do-gooders picking up trash. Recycling will not take care of the excessive and egregious amount of single use disposable plastics produced worldwide every day. No matter how much you pick up, no matter how many litter bugs you reform, no matter what you recycle — unless we reduce our waste on the front end as individuals while demanding changes in industry, we will continue to see our landscape, our food chain, our very genetic code contaminated.” Here, the representative identifies the high amounts of waste found in the area. While the representative recognizes that recycling, on its own, will not solve the problem, recycling is part of the solution.
Recycling Programs in Vermilion Parish
The current recycling program in Vermilion Parish is called Recycle Vermilion Parish and has limited operations.

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