Do You Believe? Evil? Essay

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Do you believe in good? Do you believe in evil? ...if the answer is yes; then you must believe in Witchcraft. A spooky and evil subject matter that might seem cartoonish, ludicrous or maybe just a myth. Or maybe a reality persisting evil on to the 21st century and beyond towards the future? King James I of Scotland believed in witches’ in fact he claimed to have encountered witches and help prosecute plus execute them thus paving way for his guide on witches entitled: “Demonology” a book explaining why one should believe in witches and how they are to be dealt with. As far as who the witches are he quotes “What can be the cause? For every man there is 20 women dedicated to that craft” (James 6.) His response follows as “the reason is easy for as that sex is frailer than men so it is easy to be entrapped in these gorse snares of the devil” (James 5). This ideology by King James suggest that women are more delicate than men therefore they are more likely to convert to witchcraft. Similar to how Eve submitted to the temptations of devil in the bible (Genesis 2:4-3:24). According to King James witches are everywhere, prone to promote evil and must be executed.
Witchcraft a mysterious reality is alive and not always but bad but defiantly not always good. Despite, the majority of the world disliking and despising the black magic, its existence and practices witchcraft is just that; an existence and practices. Horrific and dark events that are caused by this voodoo have showcased

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