Essay on Dobbie the Duck

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On a farm near the state of Oklahoma, there lived a little duck named Dobbles. Dobbles was the most energetic, loud, and crazy duck on the farm. The pond near the farm was his favorite place to play. He and his friends were always having fun and causing mischief at the pond. It was the perfect place to cool off during the summer. One day when Dobbles went to the pond, none of his friends were there. They met at that pond at the same time everyday, so he was very worried. Dobbles looked everywhere for them. He looked behind their favorite log, near the tallest tree, in the water, and in the grass, but he couldn’t find them anywhere. He kept shouting, “Daffy, Donald, Daisy! Is anyone out there?” There was no reply, and Dobbles became very …show more content…

I don’t know what you are talking about.” “Mother Hen found an even bigger pond up north. It has a huge apple tree and so many cool places to play hide-and-seek! The plan was to go there today instead of this pond. I had to talk to Mother Hen, so I told Donald to tell you.” “That’s weird. Donald never told me anything.” “That is really weird. He usually never forgets these things. Let’s go to the pond to ask him. Also, we need to let everyone know you’re safe.” They went to the other pond, told everyone the news, and tried to find Donald. Donald was by a big tree playing with Huey, Dewey, and Louie on a swing that tied to a branch of the tree at the top. “Hey Dobbles! Where were you? We were looking for you, but you never showed up,” said Donald. “Dobbles said that you never told him about the pond,” said Daisy. “I was busy cleaning the barn last night, so I told Daffy to tell you,” replied Donald. Dobbles, Daisy, and Donald knew that Daffy was sometimes irresponsible, so they decided to go talk to him and figure out what happened. “Hey Daffy, did you remember to tell Dobbles about coming to the pond today?” asked Donald. “I was trying to find something to eat with Dewey last night, so I asked Huey to tell him,” Daffy replied. “Here we go again,” said Dobbles. They all went to find Huey. “Hey Guys! What’s up?” greeted Huey. “Did you remember to tell Dobbles about going to the pond

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