Documentary Analysis Of 9 / 11

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In the documentary 9/11, the tale of 9/11 is told using footage of firefighters inside the Towers during that horrific morning. The documentary was originally supposed to follow the trials and tribulations of a rookie firefighter, but it became one of few video recordings inside the Towers as the events occurred. One of the more notable aspects of the film is the sound of bodies hitting the ground outside the towers. There is no footage of the actual bodies hitting the ground outside the building, but the sound is like nothing the firefighters (or myself) have ever heard before. One of the firefighters in the documentary questions, “how bad is it up there that the better option is to jump?” (9/11). There were so many bodies tumbling from the upper stories of the towers that people could not be evacuated through the lobby doors as they risked being killed by one of the ‘jumpers’ (9/11). The Naudet brothers made a clear decision to not show the bodies falling, while still being able to acknowledge the presence of the bodies in their accounts of that day. The Naudet brothers’ representation of the people who decided to jump from the towers was in good taste, as they wanted to share the stories of those victims, but did not want to violate the final moments of their lives. It was also valuable to include the testimony of the firefighters who heard and saw the falling bodies as the firefighters and the victims are the only people who can truly understand how horrific it was.

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