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Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Prices Robert Greenwald uses a strong appeal to ethos, a slippery road argument, and a text track to bring attention to his audience about Wal-Mart. He establishes his argument by first presenting a claim made by the Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott and then showing the contrary to that claim with many examples from real people. Through these arguments the audience can determine that Wal-Mart is simply a bad company and they should stop spending their money there. Greenwald appeals to ethos many times throughout this documentary. He uses a strong patriotic tone this brings a sense of American values being tarnished through this company. He establishes this patriotic tone by telling the stories of the “average…show more content…
He uses the text track to show all the cities that made this movement once again he uses speed to and overlapping text to make it seen like more cities have rejected Wal-Mart. Greenwald uses appeals to ethos, slippery road argument, and a text track to show that Wal-Mart is attacking traditional American values and that it needs to be stop. He uses comedy by providing a clip of daily show with John Stuart criticizing Wal-Mart; he establishes his credibility by showing clips of new shows. Greenwald uses the claims made by Wal-Mart CEO to establish his argument by presenting the facts that go against the claims made by

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