Does A Soldier Possess More Merit Than A Lawyer

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Does a Soldier Possess More Merit than a Lawyer? In ancient Rome, a lawyer was higher in social status; therefore, they were better known in the society. A magistrate, which is another word for lawyer, once elected, was eligible to run for higher forms of government including a senator. The common path taken by law officials was to stay in judicial law for ten or so years then to move on to the lowest form of office. Once elected into office they were granted “potestas” which was a specific power based on their level of office. As they moved up into higher levels of office they gain more benefits and power over lower classes. Also as they moved up in social status the more military powers they were granted, and the more status they were given. (McGeough 159-160) In ancient Roman times, soldiers’ positions were often held by citizens who owned land and prisoners of war who were captured by Roman forces in prior years. Often during war, they had to call in people from middle class to contribute to the army because there was an insufficient number of members. The members who made up the army were often on a lower status level and held little power compared to the magistrates. The army was …show more content…

Without lawyers the city would have no basis of equality or order. The soldiers kept the city together and had the wisdom to make decisions that were crucial to Rome’s thriving society. Although soldiers were also crucial to the city’s survival, they were under the control of the government officials and magistrates, so without the lawyers, the soldiers were not as successful. In conclusion, soldiers would not function without the help and guidance of the magistrates, so the lawyers possess more merit than those of the

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