Comparing US Democratic Republic, Roman Republic, and Athenian Democracy Governments

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In the past, different civilizations have been ruled by different forms of government. The U.S. Democratic Republic, the Roman Republic, and the Athenian Democracy have similar and different functions of how they run their government.
In the U.S. Democratic Republic, it has all three branches of government which are the legislature, executive, and the judicial branch. Their legislative branch has a Senate of 100 members and they're elected by the people for a six-year-term. The Senates make laws and they advise president on foreign policy. The executive branch has a president that is elected by the people for four years. The president is the chief executive of the government and the commander-in-chief of the army. The Supreme Court has …show more content…

The Roman's executive branch, had two consuls and they were elected by the assembly for one year to be the chief executives of the government and the commanders-in-chief of the army. In the judicial branch, the Praetors and the eight judges are chosen for one year by the Centuriate Assembly. Both the Praetor and the eight judges oversee the civil and criminal courts. To become a citizens you have to be an adult male landowner. The citizens had the right to vote, to make legal contracts, to have a lawful marriage, and to have a trial. A common citizen would vote to elect tribunes and to make laws. The Romans had the Twelve Tablets which, were a list of rules that was the basis of the Roman legal system. The laws in the Twelve Tablets talked about property, crime, family, theft, and inheritance.
In the Athenian Democracy, they had a form of government where citizens ruled directly and not through representatives. They had a legislature branch that would pass the laws, the executive branch would carry out the laws, and the judicial branch would conduct the trials with paid jurors. The executive branch was composed of a council of 500 men and the leaders were chosen by a lot. To be a citizen in Athens, you had to be a male, 18 years old, born from citizen parents, and your parents can't be a slave.
In addition, the U.S Democratic Republic, the Athenian Democracy, and the Roman Republic have the same

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