Does Caroline Bird’s Ideas in “The Case Against College” Fly?

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Caroline Bird writes the statement in her 1975 article “The Case Against College (Bird 15-18)” that not every high school graduate is ready to attend college. It is 2010 and this article is still valid today. Some of the college students I have been around were not mature enough for obedience school let alone college. A few of the points she makes in the article are: College has never worked its magic for everyone. Does it make you a better person? Are colleges responsible for your children? Are my children living in a country club? I will use some of my own experiences as an example of college life, as well as examples from my daughter’s college experience, along with my nephews as well. All to find the answer to the big question: Are …show more content…

These concepts are taught indirectly as well as directly. Students must have a foundation of these concepts to be able to experience them in a college setting. My nephew is very goal oriented. He wants to succeed in business and become a millionaire. In college he is learning what it necessary to succeed in business. He is looking toward his future but my daughter is focusing on the here and now and not thinking much about her education.
Ms. Bird tells us that colleges are no longer taking responsibility for feeding, housing, policing, and protecting students when it may be one of the most important services that a college could provide (17).I agree with this observation as well. Colleges don’t take responsibility for students anymore. Schools spend their time calculating what the State and Federal requirements are to receive funding needed for the schools to operate. Colleges are very interested in their numbers of students enrolled and financial gains.
Another point that Ms. Bird makes is that the colleges do not want to interfere with a student’s life (Bird 17). I agree with this analysis. They expect college students to take full responsibility for their lives in addition to acting like adults. Furthermore, by the time students get to college they should be acting with maturity. Like my daughter, some students have not come to terms with the idea of being an independent adult yet. Maturity is a major factor

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