Does Face Recognition Play A Part Of How Quickly People Are Able Recall Names Or Occupations?

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Does face recognition play a part in how quickly people are able recall names or occupations? Abstract Face and object recognition is considered to be a very complex procedure to do, due to the fact that it requires a lot of processing before our memory essentially recognises the object. They were 30 digital images of faces from the Karolinska Directed Emotional Faces database which were used for the study (Lundqvist, Flykt, & Öhman, 1998). The 30 digital images were all males, wearing grey t-shirts; and had their eyes and mouths fixed to coordinate for image standardization. It was hypothesised that it would be challenging for an individual to remember someone’s name than it would be to remember their occupation. The results for this …show more content…

What makes names difficult to remember is due to the fact that they are different languages with different pronunciations. This is why people are most likely to remember someone’s occupation rather than their name. Furthermore people usually find that names do not hold information that concerns the identity of an individual; than just too simply label someone McWeeny et al. (1987). Terry (1994) also conducted a similar study which also evidenced that participants found it difficult to remember names. In this study it was shown by the level of accuracy that information had a significant effect on the ability to put face, occupation and names together; according to the participants’ results. However the results also show that emotions have no influence when it comes to recalling. Overall this indicates that occupation plays a major part and is what enables individuals to recognise another people easily. Generally having the ability to recognize faces is very important in many aspects of life. It allows us to recognize faces of the people who we are close to, and also allows us to identify unfamiliar individuals so that we can be more aware of possible dangers. Facial recognition is a complex process that involves using knowledge and experience to get an average face and compare it to other faces. Concepts and categories are used to support in the object memory process as well as encoding information to long-term

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