Does God Really Exists? Essay

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Does God Really Exists The idea of God has been one of the most debatable issues since the dawn of humanity and with it guided as well as deluded most lives in the pursuit for the truth. The impacts springing from the notion of God has from time memorial changed history, inspired more poetry and music including philosophy more than anything else, imagined or real. Peter Kreft once concluded that “The idea of God is either a fact, like sand, or a fantasy like Santa” (Lawhead, p. 334). Over the cause of time, different arguments have surfaced within and without the philoshophical boundaries in an attempt to either explain the reality of the non-existence of a God. A few of these claims include the, cosmological argument, the teleological argument and the problem of evil. However, although both arguments are insufficiently conclusive in their arguments about God, the cosmological argument seems to speaker quite louder than the rest and thus forms the basis of this paper: it generates the conclusion that God exists based on fundamental considerations about the cause of the world and why there is something rather than nothing. To begin with, teleological argument posits God’s existence based on the appearance of design. The Cosmological and the teleological arguments are both based on empirical or a posterior reasoning and have their roots deepened in philosophy history. On the contrary, the problem of evils supports the argument that God does not exist based on the presence

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