Does Melting Ice Salt Affect The Ph Of Water Life

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pH data from the samples of melted untouched snow and sidewalks indicates that the pH is equivalent to the pH of seawater. Although sea life is able to survive in seawater, ordinary fish, animals, species, and humans aren’t able to consume it because we rely on freshwater. Certain levels of pH determine whether the water can sustain life or not. That is why the pH of water is vital. Aquatic life can’t survive in water with a pH above 9 or below 4. The 0.151 grams of melting ice salt added and mixed into the 10 mL of water made the pH 8.5. pH for fresh water needs to stay at a healthy level of 7 The majority of uncontrolled random samples had a higher level than 7 pH We can conclude that “melting ice salt” affects our water quality when
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