Does My Choice In Music Directly Shape My Future?. When

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Does my choice in music directly shape my future? When one listens to music, dopamine levels are slightly increased resulting in a feel good sensation in response to the specific stimuli. Although music may have health benefits, it is almost an unimaginable task to find a person who does not enjoy music. Even Though I would love it if music directly impacted others lives the way it does for me, I can only voice its impacts for myself and my beliefs about how music has a direct impact on my future. From relaxation to socialization or studying habits to my mood, music directly impacts my way of life. Music has always been there for me and it always has the right words to say. From sorrow to joy, music has taught and guided me on how to…show more content…
Since I was exposed to music at young age, I was able to excel in school and earn good grades which guided me on a path to succeed in high school. Furthermore, it personally gives me the ability to channel my emotions and express them in an appropriate way. To this day the quality of my songwriting is not perfected, but my future is greatly impacted by this. Some may express their feelings down in a journal, I express mine through music. This gives me the ability to control my emotions in difficult situations and will positively impact my social interaction skills later on in life. Although music may benefit my future, music is more than that to me. Music is why I put my all into everything I do and it is the reason why I am the person I am today and the person I will be in twenty years from now. My interest in music has molded my personality and those who I interact with. Research has been able to show the positive effects music has had on the psychological well being of society throughout history. Due to the complexity of music, the variety of brain activity while listening to music positively affects the brain “ but also [helps] on long-term well-being when music is implemented in various life situations and contexts—including the family” (NCBI). The Social and biological benefits interact cohesively which positively impacts paramount skills from adolescents to the elderly. Through music, society 's future can be divergent and can create a world with

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