Does Our Increasingly Mechanized World Cause Us You Feel Alienated?

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Does our increasingly mechanized world cause us to feel alienated?

It can be argued that life has never been so easy. We are surrounded by plentitudes. food is freely available in the West. Information is taken for granted, and we often dont want for nothing.

Yet there are signs and many reasons to suggest that we are far from happy despite this new age of overabundance and the freedom it affords us.

Life in this age is unsatisfying for many, with people exhibiting clear signs of dissastisfaction, and a sense of unease and angst. Our society and all its needs for advancement from technology and overabundance is our chosen answer to all our problems, and we rely on such things for a higher quality and easier life.

Yet, it doesnt seem to be getting better, our problems continue and in ways even increase as a result of our incessant progression towards a ' 'brighter future. ' '

Amidst the massive changes in society we face, we as a result constantly question our reality and purpose within it, and this rapid mechanized world usually pushes aside any sense of community. I think a capitalist; consumerist society creates in us a sense of alienation entirely new to our modern times.

I want to understand the deeper reasons behind this, not only because i think it is very important but also because i feel it is largely misunderstand and overlooked for such a huge complicated issue within our society.

I will look at Marx and Engels.
Studies on Capitalism and Urbanisation and…
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