Does Religion Have any Relationship with Math?

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Most people do not see religion and math as having any relationship whatsoever. People just see religion as an idea or superstition that is studied and practiced at church. Math is an intellectual practice, mainly taught at school and most likely never used after school, unless of course, you seek a profession in that field. No one really looks deeper into the “uncommon” connection between religion and math. Most people don’t know that almost every number has a biblical purpose. Or that soldiers serving in the U.S. Military use numeric connections on playing cards to connect to a story or verse of the bible. Also, natural occurrences, like the amount of time for a child’s birth, have a coincidental comparison to a bible story or belief. It is definitely a subject that’ll grab your attention. Many numbers have some sort of biblical meaning. For example the number one represents a “beginning”. Like the “first” of Genesis which talks about “unity”. Unity also has a connection with the number one. The number two means “difference” or “division”. Like the division of good and evil, Heaven and Hell, referring to the afterlife. The most obvious connection in the number three is “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit”. Verse two of Genesis talks about the story of Abraham seeing three men. Also, it talks about him addressing them three times. In addition, the number three has a strong connection with the resurrection, because Jesus revived on the third after his crucifixion.

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