Essay Faith In Religion And Science

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Since the dawn of mankind religion has been one of the most significant elements of a society’s social and cultural beliefs and actions. However, this trend has declined due to the general increase in knowledge regarding our the natural sciences. Where we had previously attributed something that we didn’t understand to the working of a higher power, is now replaced by a simple explanation offered by natural sciences. While advocates of Religion may question Natural Sciences by stating that they are based on assumptions, it is important to note the Natural Sciences are based on theories and principles which can be proven using mathematical equations and formulas. Faith however contrasts from the easily visible feasibility of data …show more content…

This example vividly displays how faith can cause an accretion to human development and innovation, if the findings of Galileo were ubiquitously accepted, then in the 21st Century, we would have been further down the line in the field of astrology.
One great benefit that faith in religion has had to mankind is that religion answers all of the “big questions”. No matter how farfetched the answers may seem, followers of a religion feel assuaged and even motivated by the answers. The concept of “live after death” and “bad luck for bad actions and good luck for good actions” assuage many individuals who are uneasy about the mysteries of life. For example in the religion of Hinduism there exists a concept of Karma, which basically states that what goes around comes around. This simple concept motivates millions of Hindus to perform good deeds and also discourages them from committing sins as the concept of Karma stands to offer great rewards as well as great punishments. Likewise in Christianity there exists a concept of “Heaven” and “Hell”, Heaven being the luxurious destination for afterlife and Hell being the horrible and abject one. The Christian concept of “A record of good and bad deeds”, also motivates millions of Christians to make the right choices and decisions. Although beliefs in afterlife are completely due to faith and lack no scientific proof, there are great benefits as it is proven

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