Does Technology Benefits Young People By Lucy Dockterman

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To persuasively make the point that technology benefits young people, Dockterman asserts the importance of the topic using statistics, acknowledges her counter arguments while providing dim evidence of their validity, and supports her own side by synthesizing multiple sources of authoritative evidence.

In the beginning of her essay, the author first establishes the importance of discussing this pressing issue, utilizing numbers to clearly illustrate her point. For example, she cites statistics to establish the widespread use of technology among kids: “27% of them use tablets, 43% use smartphones, and 52% use laptops.” She capitalizes on the power of data to reveal how broad reaching the issue of children’s technology use is. Moreover, she establishes that the decision to put technology in kids’ hands is not only one that matters on an individual scale, but one that effects public policy: Los Angeles County “will spend $30 million on classroom iPads this year, outfitting 640,000 kids by late 2014.” If schools are rolling out technology in droves, the question of whether doing so is to their benefit certainly warrants …show more content…

By very simply presenting the thoughts of Lucy Wurtz, an administrator of a school that completely eliminates the use of digital products, Dockterman shows the other side’s proponents to have little concrete evidence or logical reasoning to back up their claims. Wurtz’s explanation is rife with incongruity. Her school’s policy “connects children to nature” but does not address why using a computer is so detrimental. The blindness insinuated by Wurtz’s comment “But I don’t see any benefit” further reminds people of the void of reasoning behind her argument. Dockterman allows this faulty argument to speak for itself, laying the groundwork for the audience’s acceptance of her well supported claims to

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