Dog Training Methods

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In the dog training community, there are many different types of ways and methods used to train dogs. Science based training and Dominance Dog training be compared on location and results but differ greatly in equipment and methods used. These training methods often collide with each other much like water and oil. Science based training is a positive take on the "traditional" training. According to Labrador Training HQ, "Science-based trainers try to train dogs in the most humane ways possible, taking into account the dog's psychological needs and natural ways of learning". Dominance or dominant training is a method used mostly with aggressive dogs, this type of training is also referred to as "Alpha Dog" training. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers states, "This generally does not require understanding a dog's motivation and emotional state, but rather focuses on what the dog is doing (behavior), and what we want the dog…show more content…
In an interview with Dawn Sylvia- Stasiewicz, she talks about positive training and its benefits. She explains the difference between positive and negative, "In behavioral psychology, positive means to give something (a reward or a punishment) and negative means to take away something (not give a reward or punishment)" (2). Sylvia-Stasiewicz later continues to say that dogs follow those who provide "food, shelter and safety", which are the basic needs for anything living. According to the Humane Society of The United States, positive training uses rewards and praise for good behaviors because it makes them likelier to continue that good behavior. Although they do add that it's important to be careful when giving rewards and knowing when to give them for example, you don't want to take your dog to the yard when they're barking at something outside because taking them outside is seen as a reward, therefore, they will expect to be taken out every time they bark at
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