Is Dogs And The Human Beings?

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Dogs have been by people’s sides for centuries and have evolved right alongside humans. With their same family dynamic the same as humans at the time (hunted in packs, entire pack raise the young) and hunting the same type of prey it was a natural fit for both the canines and the humans to work together. They were once fierce hunter in the wild now wanting a belly scratch and doing whatever it takes to please its owner. They have done many things to benefit humans to make lives better and help in today’s society. They are eyes for the blind, search and rescue with their keen nose and ears, and even police K9s with their incredible tracking skills and stamina. However their origin story has been shrouded in mystery and controversy among …show more content…

However when humans first discovered wolves and that we can domesticate them, they realized they can be great hunting partners and allies in the game of survival. At this time dogs “accompanied people in Eurasia while they were still hunters and gatherers” (Grimms 1). This indicates that humans used wolves to help them hunt because not only do they hunt the same food, for the most part, but wolves were great hunters and trackers, and to humans they were the best equipment to us especially when hunting big game. Humans have come a long way since hunting and have found many great uses for the four legged friends they created. To begin the evolution of dogs from hunters to helpful members of society is at the start of humans and agriculture as a means of food. “That three-way split happened around the same time, and the Taimyr represents the most recent common ancestor of wolfs and dogs. Later, the Taimyr wolf lineage became extinct....The original date range put dogs’ domestication around the time humans started agriculture”. With the beginning of agriculture people needed protectors of crops and land. Canines then happily filled that roll for people as they became more accustom to humans and sharing space, food, and resources with them. We then used those ability and bred the dogs with those same abilities and created breeds. Now that society has grown to the extent it is and dogs come in many shapes sizes and abilities we use

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