Doing Business in Indonesia

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Doing Business in Indonesia Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia. It is an archipelago of islands and home to more than 240 million people (Vickers, 2005). The capital is Jakarta. Recently, Indonesia has become more popular with those who want to do business in other countries. The economy is mixed, and there are many government and private sector companies and jobs available. Because the country has a strong GDP and is considered one of the major economics in its region, Indonesia appeals to a large number of investors (Friend, 2003; Ricklefs, 1991). When deciding whether to invest in Indonesia and/or start up a business there, several things have to be carefully considered. The income category for Indonesia is "lower middle" (Doing, 2012). That indicates that the country is not rich, and neither are its people. However, there are many people who live and work there, and they do have some money to spend on things that they need and that have value to them (Friend, 2003; Ricklefs, 1991; Vickers, 2005). There are eight procedures to go through when starting a business in Indonesia, and the entire process generally takes approximately 45 days to complete (Doing, 2012). If a construction permit is necessary for the business and the company is not moving into an existing building that does not need to be changed, there are 13 procedural steps that must be followed in order to ensure that the proper permits are secured (Doing, 2012). This procedure can
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