Domain Of Knowledge And Skill Mastered By Men

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"Domains of knowledge and skill mastered by men are called technical or technological while those mastered by women are considered crafts" Architecture is the affirmation of a world; immensely diverse, complex, at times even brutal. The human preconceptions of what is 'normal ', usually dominate the reactions of those bound in them as well as those who demean them. Through the origins of time, 'architecture ' was a profession; the greatest of the arts and as such it had to be operated by the greatest of the genders; men. A micro (originated from the Greek word μικρός = small) cosmos (originated from the Greek word κόσμος = world) has been built around this theory, spanning through generations and generation. This small world encapsulates the male domination, along with the marginalization of women in the architectural profession. If architecture, in the widest possible sense, aims to communicate the truth and only about the lives that we live, what do women have to say? For what is architecture; it might be a male monologue or a female scream. The question to be answered is; which one is louder? METHODOLOGY The battle between the genders, is a story long held and it involves one and major issue: domination. The matter, although is singular, it is multifaceted and composite. Building up a hypothesis that architecture is an open field, it is worth wondering what part is possessed by the male and the female. In exploring the fundamental principles of division

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