Domestic And Gender Oppression In The Yellow Wallpaper By John Gilman

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The work of Gillman ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ is a feminist fiction that talks about a woman diagnosed by her husband and the suggested treatment is bed rest with minimal brain and physical activities. The woman in hopes of getting better moves to a big house where she is faced by her inner self. Gilman tries to highlight the domestic and gender suppression constantly faced by women of the society This paper would shine the light on the sensitive issue of gender quality and the effects it has.
Being imprisoned on the basis of an absurd cure imposed on by the narrator’s husband and his beliefs for what he think is the best for his wife, Gilman brings to the reader’s attention the brutal realities faced by the women in the fight for their freedom due to the society and male dominance. She reflects the time period of the 19th century where women were not given any kind will power over her own thoughts and action. This topic is highlighted in the story when the narrator couldn’t communicate and make her husband understand that her needs and wants are important enough to be considered into account if he wishes for her well-being. This symbolizes the extent to which the women voices was heard. Even though she knew the ‘rest therapy’ wasn’t working for her, she could bring herself up to …show more content…

It could mainly be because women were considered hysterical and emotional or just because men did not consider them to be of equal standing to have a say in the matters of their own lives. It was expected of women of that era to find their place at home and that’s where they must be confined to. Whereas the male secured higher positions in the society and had the power. This made them believe that they should have the last word and the decision they make would be the ultimate one. The writer shows the reflection of this in the attitude of John as

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