Feminist Criticism of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman is known as the first American writer who has feminist approach. Gilman criticises inequality between male and female during her life, hence it is mostly possible to see the traces of feminist approach in her works. She deals with the struggles and obstacles which women face in patriarchal society. Moreover, Gilman argues that marriages cause the subordination of women, because male is active, whereas female plays a domestic role in the marriage. Gilman also argues that the situation should change; therefore women are only able to accomplish full development of their identities. At this point, The Yellow Wallpaper is a crucial example that shows repressed woman’s awakening. It is a story of a woman who …show more content…

Therefore, it might be said that sex and gender distinction shows inequality, and also feminism argues that a woman is not oblige to live her gender role. Biology is a destiny, but a woman also can be masculine. At this point, feminist writer Charlotte Gilman addresses an important point that she says; “Every kind of creature is developed by the exercise of its functions. If denied the exercise of its functions, it cannot develop in the fullest degree.” (Gilman). It is a good point that leads women the way in order to break sex and gender discrimination. The woman in The Yellow Wallpaper is a crucial example which supports both Tyson and Gilman. In the short story, the writer tells a woman’s depression which guides her to break the limits and restrictions over woman. The woman who has no name or identity symbolises all women’s suppressed position in patriarchal society. In the story, the woman describes the house and her rooms with the words; ancestral hall, old-fashioned chintz, barred windows, heavy-immovable bed. The descriptions depict the house as patriarchy’s realm. Also, the yellow wallpaper’s surrounding of her shows the woman in a trapped, confined and repressed position. Not only the yellow symbolise the weakness, but the paper also

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