Domestic Bias Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic Bias in Violence Unprovoked battering. Over the years the term domestic violence has been given mass popularity in society. This is due to the many highly publicized events ranging from the Ray Rice’s abuse charges all the way to the murder trial of O.J. Simpson. The term domestic violence has emerged from a vow of silence in households to a prevalent discussion that has flourished throughout society. Or has it? Yes, domestic violence has been recognized as an issue in society. This has resulted in numerous campaigns to prevent and stop domestic violence from occurring around the world. Due to society’s perception and gender roles within, however, the defining principle of domestic violence has been altered from general violent or aggressive behavior committed against ones partner, to violence committed by males against females. Over the past forty years, studies and research have constantly found that women and men engage in violence at similar rates. Family Violence Surveys suggest that “The phenomenon of husband battering” (1977) is as, if not more, common than wife abuse. However, despite the plentiful evidence and studies that support this fact, violence committed by females is largely ignored throughout the areas of literature and media. These areas, instead, choose to consistently suggest that domestic violence is only committed by males. Through this action, or inaction, to recognize the general topic within the discussion, the occurrence of female
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