Domestic Marital Abuse Against Women

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Silenced Cry: Domestic Marital Abuse against Women

In the United States, there are about ten people who die from domestic violence every single day. The U.N identifies October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. What happens when ‘Home’ is not the safest place to be? Domestic abuse occurs across the world, in various cultures and affects society, irrespective of their economic status. Behaviors that are adopted by a person to control their partner in a relationship refers to domestic violence. Domestic violence against women particularly marital abuse in United States compared with India is what this paper is going to be based on in order to obtain notions from various perspectives. One must have thought of at least 3 women you know who have been abused. So would this be considered a global epidemic? Maybe yes, maybe no. Violence by a partner is common in the Indian society that women end up committing suicide (Mullender et al., 2000). The causes, types of domestic violence, the abuser and the after effects of such behavior will be analyzed with substantial evidence.

Figure 1: Woman physically abused

Domestic violence as a subject is broad and breaking it down will require, firstly, to know the types of domestic violence that women face as a married couple. Enumerating types of violence are just two, mental and physical abuse. Psychological, emotional and economical abuse

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