Domestic Violence : A Social And Legal Problem

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Literature Review Historically, domestic violence has been viewed as a private issue to be dealt with between partners. It wasn’t until the 1970s that intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as domestic violence, became recognized as both a social and legal problem. Policy and lawmakers have been avidly defining the roles of the criminal justice system and communities in responding to domestic violence since its official acknowledgements as a public issue.
Male Victims’ Experiences with Domestic Violence Our societal norms in the United States indicate that men are significantly stronger than women, and therefore are the more dominating of the two genders. Because of this, men are more commonly displayed as being the perpetrators …show more content…

Both men and women were surveyed by means of a questionnaire that assessed sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence over the individual’s lifetime and during the 12 months prior to their interviews. The results of the study concluded that women are more often victims of domestic violence, while men are more frequently the perpetrators of said violence. However, the results do show that men are still frequently victims of domestic violence, as are women the perpetrators. The study also showed that when victims of any type of IPV, both men and women experience health consequences such as; headaches, chronic pain, difficulty with sleeping, activity limitations, poor physical health and poor mental health.
The Perception of Male Victims by the Public and the Criminal Justice System For some time, a double standard has existed in our society regarding domestic violence. This double standard holds that male on female violence is the most serious type of violence there is. To-date, there have been several studies done that have proven that males are just as likely as women to find themselves victims of domestic violence. However, female on male violence is still viewed and treated quite differently than male on female violence.
Brown 2004. Taken from IPV case file records, Brown’s study found two things: first, male perpetrators are charged more frequently than female

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