Domestic Violence Against Women And Gender Inequality In Society Today

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Domestic violence occurs in many cultures around the world. Domestic violence can include physical, emotional, psychological, economic and sexual violence. Mullender (1996:52) further highlights the devastating nature of psychological violence pointing to its similarity both with torture of hostages and the ‘brainwashing’ of political prisoners, who are similarity stripped of all freedom’s and never know when the next beating is. The inequality of genders is ideological, the way in which women stand in society and the beliefs and norms. Domestic violence against women is a widespread problem throughout society. Violence against women reflects gendered social structures. Both men and women experience life differently due to their socially attributed genders. This essay will look at domestic violence against women by men due to gender inequality in society today. Examining the different explanations, for example from the feminists perspective to the family perspective. Will domestic violence always persist if gender inequalities exist in the modern world? Most research that has already been done has mainly focused on men being the perpetrator and women being the victim of domestic violence. Many different scholars have different arguments about domestic violence. Feminists argue that it is mainly men who are the violent one’s and they use violence to control their partner or to show their dominance over women. However family perspectives argue that both male and female are

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