Domestic Violence Against Women Is Not Only Physical And Sexual Essay

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Domestic Violence against women is not only physical and sexual but leads to a path of psychological abuse. Women of all backgrounds including; race, age, religion, ethnicity, and class can be victims of domestic violence. Even though domestic violence is looked down upon in societies, it can be a difficult crime to punish. Men typically have the upper hand in a society; although, women have started to make their voices heard by standing up to their abusers and becoming more of a force in government policy making.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, “On average, 20 people per minute are victims of physical violence by an intimate partner in the United States.” As one can see all types of abuse occurs among each group of a society. Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse range over different levels of severity all being serious matters. Women can have a difficult time overcoming their abusive partners because of the severity the abuser can have on women’s emotional state. Although women can be batterers too, most of the time in a relationship the male is the predominate force of battering. There have been signs shown that males that batter have grown up in families that battering was accepted; therefore, they do not know how to treat their wives any differently (Wilson 18). This issue needs to be addressed through political change. Since the 1970s progress has been seen, but there is still much more to be accomplished in making women feel safe in their own

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