Domestic Violence Against Women Research Paper

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Domestic violence has been a main issue throughout history and all over the world; it can evidentially affect children, the elderly, women, and even men. Although abuse can affect many individuals, a significant portion of domestic abuse cases are against women. Globally, women are constantly facing physical, social and mental abuse by men and/or their significant others. In past years, the issue of domestic violence has gained the attention of researchers. In fact, studies have shown that it is a global issue negatively impacting the social and health status of individuals, particularly women. A survey of domestic abuse in Canada signifies that 29% of married women have been abused by their partners at least once (Nwosu, 2006). Many argue…show more content…
Many women stay with an abusive partner for five main reasons: social background, financial problems, lack of family support, traditions and values (Gharaibeh & Oweis, 2009). Violence against women is a severe problem that creates a negative environment. As a result, other individuals living in the family are also negatively affected when there are sudden changes in a household. Moreover, society needs to acknowledge these negative impacts that occur within the household against women. When violence is perpetuated within families, children often observe their parents and thus reflect violent characteristics in their behaviours; thereby, such features can be passed on for generations. In addition, a positive environment must be enforced for families that are affected by domestic violence; understanding the negative effects is the first…show more content…
It is an intervention that effects connections of individuals in a relationship. In other words, anything that affects one part of the system will have an impact on the other part (Ward & Bélanger, 2014). The family systems theory analyzes the communications of individual within a nuclear family, as well as behaviour patterns that are transmitted to generations. The strengths of this theory is that family is a system within a larger system which can influence others to contribute in particular sorts of behaviours (Ward & Bélanger, 2014). For instance, when domestic violence occurs at home it will change the patterns of individuals within the family. On the other hand, this theory focuses on the whole family rather than focusing on each person. Similar concept is shown in domestic violence whereas abuse takes place, it focuses on how the family is dealing with affects as opposed to how the specific individual is feeling that is being mistreated. Additionally, when aggressive behaviour occurs in families, it causes stress; for example, if spouses commit misuse on one another, it causes adolescents to end up depressed. Family systems theory proposes that when couples cannot balance their emotions, they become emotionally reactive and do whatever is necessary to reduce their anxiety. Violence is one of the solutions that individual use to get out of emotional stress and lessen tension in the
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