Domestic Violence And Gun Violence

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Los Angeles, California- I am more than a conqueror. I am a survivor of gun violence and made it out of a bad situation. My life was pretty decent growing up. I was born into a family that showed me countless love and affection. I was the baby of the family with both parents living in the household and three other older siblings. As my younger siblings and I got older we started dating. I began dating a guy that would change our loving family dynamic. I became the victim of domestic abuse and it lasted for over two years. He would control my every move and beat me until bruises would appear on my body. I was afraid to leave because of all of his threats and me “being in love”, I soon found myself awake in my hospital bed with a pain in my chest and police officers right next to me. The man that I loved had shot me and left me for dead. Unfortunately, there are many all over this country that are victims of domestic abuse that result in gun violence by their abuser. Fortunately, some women do survive this horror propelling them to become advocates to strengthen gun control laws in America. Statistics gathered by Every Town Research in 2016, states that women in domestic abuse relationships are 10 times more likely to become victims of gun violence, comparing to victims of armed robberies. What is interesting about the research that was done is that domestic abuse does not discriminate. One – third of women of all ages, races, and nationalities will experience domestic abuse

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