Domestic Violence And Its Effects On The Victim

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Rationale An estimated 10-50% of women experience physical or sexual abuse by their partner at some point in their lives. (World health organization) Out of each emergency room visit for injuries, 25-30% was there for domestic-violence related problems. (Hansen,2014) Domestic violence is a serious issue that has been a top priority for mental health professionals for some time now. Exposure to domestic violence can have long-term mental health effects on the victim. Various types of groups are being used in treating survivors of domestic violence that include support groups, time-limited groups, and long-term groups. This group proposal describes a long-term support group designed for women to tell their story about their experiences with domestic violence. The research shows women respond effectively and develop a prolonged power to heal when they are given the opportunity to share experiences of recovery and survival with each other. (Fearday,2004) Organizing the Group The group will consist of no more than 15 women. These women must meet the following criteria: They must have a history of domestic violence with an intimate partner, must have intentions of permanently leaving their abuser, and must have no history of being a perpetrator. The group will consist of different ages and ethnicity. If a potential member does not feel comfortable with diversity, for any reason, she will be referred to another group located at the YWCA and surrounding areas. Group therapy will be
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