Domestic Violence And Substance Abuse Essay

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Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse
I decided to pick this topic because I was a victim of domestic violence, likely due to substance abuse at one point in time. Every single day was miserable and I had nowhere to go. I didn’t even know that he was using drugs. He was a few years older than me and I was naïve about what was happening. After several months, I was finally able to have my mom help me move back to Arizona. I have moved on from that chapter in my life, but I have always been curious about the relationship between domestic violence and substance abuse. Therefore, I want to find out if different drugs produce different outcomes, statistically speaking. I know that different drugs have different effects on the individual’s mental health, so I wanted to expand on that and find out the influence of different drugs on domestic violence.
Honestly, I learned a lot by doing research on domestic violence and substance abuse. It has been proven by research that domestic violence perpetration is linked to drug and alcohol abuse. Men and women can either be victims or perpetrators, which contradicts the common belief that only women are victims and men are perpetrators of domestic violence. A few of the substances that I researched in relation to domestic violence are methamphetamine, cocaine, and alcohol.
Of course, all of these substances can impair an individual’s mental status. Methamphetamine can cause an individual to become violent, experience mood disturbances or
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