Domestic Violence Diary

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On 01-01-2016(Friday) at approximately 2014 hours I Officer Hildebrand and Officer Andrew Emanuel was dispatched to a domestic violence call at 422 N Yellowstone apt. 7. While enroute I was informed by dispatch that a weapon is involved. I arrived on scene shortly after. I arrived upstairs when I was directed inside the apartment. I saw a tall male in a white shirt holding a firearm. I directed the male (later identified as Neil Weekly (property manager)) to drop the weapon. Neil handed me the firearm. I secured the weapon from Neil. Neil stated they were fighting and he came in to the apartment to see Clarence Morris with a gun. Neil stated that the female was in the room. I heard a female yelling and sobbing from the bedroom. I went into …show more content…

Catherine stated she had come home to see Clarence yelling at someone on the phone. Catherine stated that Clarence was talking to his ex-girlfriends boyfriend. Catherine took the phone from Clarence. Catherine stated that is when Clarence grabbed her by the throat and shoved her onto the bed. Clarence assaulted Catherine and gave her a bloody nose. Catherine stated she slapped him about three times to get Clarence off of her. Clarence had grabbed her sweatshirt and ripped it open from collar to waist. I noticed red marks and bruises on her neck. Catherine stated that Clarence then got up off of her and grabbed the firearm and threatened to kill himself. Catherine stated that Neil then came into the apartment and told Clarence to drop the firearm. Clarence did so. Neil grabbed the gun and unloaded it and cleared it. Catherine stated that’s when she went to the bathroom to wash the blood off her face. That is when I arrived. Officer Emanuel then spoke with Catherine and I watched Clarence. Officer Emanuel finished talking with Catherine. Officer Emanuel told Clarence he is under arrest for Partner Family Member Assault (PFMA). I transported Clarence to Park County Detention Center. I was relieved by Officer Emanuel and called to another 911 call. Nothing

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