Dominant Attitudes In The Film A Time To Kill

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Conflict between characters or people is a key element in revealing dominant attitudes displayed by individuals or society as a whole in visual drama texts. Conflicts in the feature film "A Time to Kill" directed by Joel Schumacher, reveal dominant attitudes displayed by the white population in rural Mississippi in the 1980s. The 1980s a time when racial equality was on the brink of change, creating massive tension between the 2 races. The dominant attitude revealed by conflict is supremacism, the catalyst for the revelation of this is the shooting of 2 white supremacists by an African American male named Carl Lee Hailey. This is where it all begins to become visible and the white population display their supremacist attitude through their actions and speech in various scenes throughout the film. The murder trial was held in the town of Mississippi, a town containing and supposedly integrated with both blacks and whites. However, within the selected group of jurors there was no African-American amongst them. The exclusion of African-Americans from the jury when it was possible to have them included reveals the dominant supremacist attitude. The white population think that they are superior and the…show more content…
The setting of the film, both place and time assist in revealing the dominant attitude because of the racial conflict already evident in the society caused by the values and beliefs upheld by the white population . The dominant supremacist attitude revealed in the film stems from conflict between characters of differing race, The whites and the African-Americans, dating back generations and is amplified by the murder of 2 white males committed by African-American man Carl Lee Hailey. This unearths unseen tension between the races and brings fourth the dominant
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