Domination Prevention. Thus Far, It Seems As Though There

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Domination Prevention Thus far, it seems as though there is no possible way for the human race to win in any kind of situation against Artificial Intelligence. It will be more intelligence, faster, and with the right kind of “body”, it may decide to take the form of, it may also be stronger than us. It is true that in the race to word domination, AI has a head start, even a running start; but, there are ways to slow it down. No one knows for sure if AI will become ‘bad’ and want to make the human race its slaves, but there’s no harm in taking every precaution necessary. How will AI hurt us? A user will knowingly unknowingly give almost all their information to some kind of smart technology; whether it’s a credit card number, their …show more content…

Could NSA get ahold of this ‘always listening’ function? Will what we say in everyday life come back to hurt us when super AI is created and they come for ‘revenge’? One might think humankind should just stop furthering any type of technology that is currently being created, what for, humans already know AI will rule the population. While the latter is true, as Sam Harrison, a neuroscientist focusing on the change in the world and how this changes human’s ways of thinking, states “we won’t stop updating our technology”. How will the human species evolve if technology stops getting smarter? Users want smarts phones, smarter televisions, smarter cars; the risk has always been there, but consumer’s demands must be meet by scientists who like money. AI will hurt the human population when least expected. This is why signs and precautions must be figured out before they actually happen. Anthropomorphize Typically, when individuals think of AI their thought process goes to such characters as Skynet from the Terminator, IRobot, or even Ultron from the Avengers. What all these characters had in common, was they had a recognizable face, to an extent, and most importantly, they had a name. Humans tend to give a name to most things significant in their lives; pets, cars, and even storms. Hurricanes, for example, the name gives no indication as to how strong or weak it is, naming has no effect on anything, but people still do it anyways. As

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