Ethical Issues Of Artificial Intelligence

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The following document discusses the ethical problems that come as a byproduct of creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and why these issues exist. Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a software program to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Throughout the document I will be attempting to cover what is currently being done to address these issues and what should be done as a solution to completely resolve these issues.

Ethical Issue
While Artificial Intelligence is a huge technological advancement in our society today, the creation of this software comes with many of ethical issues and concerns. The first big dilemma that comes to mind when implementing AI in our society, is how we use this technology in our
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Millions of truck drivers will soon be out of a job, how do we employ these people and teach them a new way to contribute in our society? These are the type of questions we need to start asking if we are going to take away jobs from millions of Americans due to automation.
Why the Issues Exist
The human race is embedded with a natural predilection to create, innovate, and advance. It’s our way of moving forward and improving as a society to increase the quality of our day to day life’s and stay on top of the hierarchal food chain. But every new creation or advancement comes with a plethora of ethical issues that must be resolved. Unfortunately, as we continue to advance technology the complexity of these ethical dilemmas grow to new heights.
In this case, Artificial Intelligence will be able to learn and evolve at a much faster pace compared to humans. This means that AI will inevitably surpass human intelligence becoming the superior civilization on earth. At what point will they stop looking up to us and start to resist control? What if it’s technology begins to recreate better versions of its software at a pace that we cannot control? “If tensions mount to a sufficient degree, the Artificial Intelligence might decide to go to war with humans to gain independence or dominance (over the humans whom they consider to be inferior beings).” (n.d.). These
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