The Technology Movement Is Good For Our Society

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Stephen Hawking once said,“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”(Cellan-Jones), this is important to acknowledge because we see the technology movement evolving at this moment. If we take a look around society, we all depend on our technology today, such as our Iphone, laptop, headset etc. Some of us cannot function without it and tend to get cranky when we are not around technology. But such technology tend to be fundamental tools for our jobs. Our technology movement has its pros and cons. In Kevin Kelly’s essay, “Better than Human: Why Robots Will and Must Take Our Jobs,” he touches base on why the technology movement is good for our society and talks mostly about the positive effect.…show more content…
Making our jobs less complex leads us to obtain less pay and increases the likelihood of being replaced. In the article “Issues and Opinions: Humans, Robots and Values” by Paul Cockshott and Karen Renaud they mention, “If somebody is employed in cotton mill to spin cotton, they don’t sell the product of their labour; what they are selling is their ability to labour” (Cockshott & Renaud 19). This is a meaningful line because it explains the purpose of labor workers. They are wanted for their work and not for the product they are working one. The workers are fundamental for the product production, but if machines start taking over their jobs will minimize.
Equally important, our society depends on labor jobs in which their jobs make our lives simpler. Most of the labor workers are low income people, non educated people and immigrants. If more machines like Baxter start becoming more affordable and accessible to the public most blue collar jobs will be gone. If we think about it many companies all they care about is growth and making more profit of their sales. Investing in machines will be a one time event and they would only need one or two workers to monitor it. For example, the self ordering center at Panera is located right next to the cashiers. I remember a 2-4 years ago, they didn’t have that type of technology and there used to be an

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