Dominic's Field Trip to Ellis Island Essay

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Dominic’s trip field trip begins on Ellis Island, New York, where Dominic is forced to hide the biggest secret he has which is he’s an orphan, he has no connections to his family or knows anything about them. While on the trip he hides in a closet to avoid talking about his family, soon he falls asleep, when he wakes up its dark and he is scared and lost, to figure out what’s going on, he picks up a display telephone and starts talking. To Dominic’s surprise someone answers and he is transported back to 1908’s Italy! There he meets three boys, namely, Francisco, Antonio, and Salvatore. They were caught stealing from Randizzi’s farm. Randizzi is a cruel man who whips people when they do something bad to him or steal his stuff. With luck …show more content…

The immigrants however had a positive prejudice for the country. They believed that America was the Dreamland, the land of the free, and America had so many opportunities...

2) How does this story help decrease prejudice toward immigrants?
I think the knowledge and wisdom this book provides is what can help decrease prejudice toward immigrants.

3) What are 2 activities that you would be able to do with students to help them better understand immigration and / or immigrants?
1) Introduction to Immigration
Show students a photograph of the Statue of Liberty and ask them to explain why this is an important symbol for our country.
Grade Level: 3 – 7
Materials: a print-out of the Lady Liberty pulse other tools the teacher desires.
Objective: Students will be introduced to the concept of immigration and become aware of immigration to the country by hands-on activities and classroom discussions.
Assessment: This gives you a baseline of what the students know at the beginning of the book about immigration and can be used to compare with what they have learned by the end of the book.
2) The Push and Pull of Immigration
Grade Level: 4 – 8
Objective: Students will understand that people immigrated for many reasons, including 'push-pull factors' and events relating to World War I.
1. Read the information on the

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