Don Bailey Analysis

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People often seek to impress others and gain their approval through various feats and expressions.This desire is most evident between children and their elders, in this case if the child does not manage to gain approval or has their achievements neglected it may cause emotional conflicts if they revisit their past. These issues directly relate to Gus and the awkward relationship that has formed between himself and his father due to not being able to deal with neglect.The idea portrayed by the author Don Bailey is that sometimes when people feel they are unable to impress those who are close to them it may cause them to have uncertainties, and if they are unable to deal with the uncertainties it may cause issues when they reflect on their …show more content…

Furthermore it shows that his father puts himself above his own son by choosing to not attend the various sports and stunts in which Gus succeeded.The depth of Gus’s internal conflicts are shown when he freezes up instead of reacting to his daughter falling of the boat.The cause of Gus freezing up is his reflection to the past in which his father saved him, but in the process permanently scarred him.Moreover he views the scar as a sign of something, in this case something most likely represents acceptance.however he still doubts himself and thinks his father should save Cathy, this is most likely caused by uncertainties he experienced as a child affecting him in adulthood.When Swimming to the surface with Cathy,we are told that the surface was just a blur in his memory.And when he reaches the surface he sees life in a new clarity because he has succeeded when his father was

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