Essay about La Luna by: Maria Fernandez

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La Luna Short Film

La Luna is a short Pixar film, which displays a family’s love, conflict, and tribute to family. The story begins by presenting a young boy, and the honor he has to uphold to please his grandfather and father. Conversely, his family takes him out to sea during the starry night. Shortly, conflicts will arise between who the young boy has to take as a role model or if he will decide to follow his identity. This short film pinpoints the honor and respect one has for family, and how it can cause pressure to pretend to be exactly as that family member.
Excitement rushes through the young boy, as his family is taking him out for his first lesson in the family business and the traditions he is going to need to follow. They …show more content…

but he climbed his extensive ladder and was ready to get the job done. Nonetheless, his father wanted him to have a broom just like his, but the grandfather wanted him to use his mop like broom, and the young boy felt miserable. He didn’t have a say in any of it. Significantly, the boy felt like he didn’t know who to listen or who to pay attention, because of such the great influences brought to him to be a good son and grandson he forgot to follow his heart.
At the near end of the film the boy couldn’t withstand the arguing regarding his style and his perspective on his personal choices, so he took matters into his own hands and found his true self. He repaired the immense issue when a colossal star stuck in the middle of the moon not allowing them to shape the moon’s current phase, but the boy solved the problem with his quick thinking. The young boy found his true identity in the process when he corrected his hat in his own way, took his own broom. Additionally, he also noticed that family means love, and that they will always be right besides him. The young boy felt that he didn’t need to be exactly as his father and grandfather wanted, he stood up to pressure and found that his family was still right next to him and always will be when they accepted him wearing his hat his own way and picking a different broom.

For the most part, the family went home with a new member in the family

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