Don Giovanni, From Mozart 's Beloved Opera

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You know that they are more necessary to me than the bread I eat! Than the air I breathe!” The passionate and powerful person that says those words is not an individual one should praise. It is, in fact, Don Giovanni, from Mozart’s beloved opera Don Giovanni. The opera is the story of a trickster who seduces women and escapes from them, stripping them from their honor. The first act commences with the struggle of Donna Anna against Don Giovanni, who is hiding his identity under a mask. As she shouts, her father, the Commendatore, is woken up and strives to confront the man who has disowned his daughter. Consequently, they fight and Don Giovanni kills him. As the continuing scenes develop, the character meets a past girl, Donna Elvira, who is in love with him and believes to be his wife. Leporello, Giovanni’s servant, tells her about the many women he has been with. Still, she insists on stopping his future affairs by telling the women of Don Giovanni’s deeds. In the penultimate scene, the Don faces his inevitable fate, the inferno. It takes the divine forces to take him down, represented in the moving statue of the Commendatore. Don Giovanni is a quintessential example of the unfaithful man who lives a life of libertinage. Often, he has been described a hero. What characteristics do heroes embody, then? A hero is an individual who is esteemed for his courage, remarkable accomplishments, or honorable qualities. Therefore, Don Giovanni is the antonym of hero, embodying the

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