Don 't Blame The Eater

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In his essay “Don’t Blame the Eater”, David Zinczenko tells the reader that kids are suing fast food companies for making them fat. He tells the readers that the consumer is not necessarily at fault, the food industry is the true culprit. Zinczenko argues that children are not at fault and the fast-food industry is to blame for selling unhealthy food with inadequate nutritional information available. The problem of children eating too much fast food has become a national crisis, causing an increase in childhood diabetes and obesity in recent years. The lack of healthier food alternatives and the lack of calorie information charts at fast-food restaurants make this a large problem. Furthermore, even if there is health information available, it can be misleading and confusing especially for children to understand. I agree with Zinczenko’s argument that there is a need for nutritional information on fast food products; however, fast-food restaurants have added healthier options to their menus for consumers and I believe that children have to be held accountable for their own decisions because they need to take responsibility for their own bodies. Zinczenko points out that there are fast food restaurants located almost everywhere in the United States, and that these restaurants appeal largely to children because they are inexpensive and easy to access. The author sympathizes with these kids because he had a similar experience when he was growing up. As a child, Zinczenko had

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